U.S.A.F Thunderbirds airshow in Subang AFB

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On 3rd October 2009,
The U.S.A.F Thunderbirds came to Malaysia for an airshow in Subang AFB.
I arrived at Subang AFB around 10.30 a.m & the road we're all full of cars.
My brother & i have to walk from junction outside the base, to the main gate & all the way to the Tarmac where the aerobatic was held.

I wasn't expecting there would be a lot of ppl there,
it was just to many ppl!!! But luck was on our side,
we hve the opportunity to be at the frontline position where u can see everything clearly from that spot.

Before the Thunderbirds show up, our RMAF Su-30MKM we're doing some crazy maneuvers
that only some ppl would understand what the pilot is up to.
For about 15 minutes, they landed and wait for the Thunderbirds to have a go.

Now when i talk about the Thunderbirds, what makes them very unique & different from the other aerobatic team such as the RAF Red Arrows & the Suryakiran IADF(India Air Defence Force) is that...
not just the pilot that give the KICK/Excitement towards the crowd below, but also the Ground Crew gave their best impressions for the crowd.

Before the The F-16C Thunderbirds start their engines, all the Ground Crew marched in smartly towards their aircraft. 2 Ground Crew represents 1 F-16C. Then, The Pilots starts marching in, towards their aircraft.
At that moment, i was suprised and impressed with their style..
They did everything simultaneously even when wearing their G-Suits, getting in the cockpit & taxi out towards the runway.

While waiting for the clearance to fly, the narrator for the U.S.A.F Thunderbirds gave a very convincing & inspiring talk.. As the engine starts roaring.. The sound system connects to Thunderbirds Flight Lead & he says "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!!!???"
All the sudden we heard loud noise & the all of the F-16C took of in diamond formation.

The did a lot of aerial stunts which makes u gonna say 'WOW!!!' my personal interest is Thunderbirds No.5 & No.6 bcoz they were meant to make solo aerobatics which is more daring and more eciting. But the formation flying impreesed me too..
The stick together eventhough they are banking left and right.
there's this one time where the F-16C flying in diamond formation low level and the narrator told us to focus on them... as we're focusing on them.. all the sudden one of them came unaware by the crowd and create a very loud engine roaring noise with the afterburner on!!!
My heart was pumping damn fast!! huhuhu..
The airshow didnt boring us bcoz of the transitions between one formation to another with a compilation of musics...

Towards the end of the airshow, all of the Ground Crew lines up and introduce themselves towards the crowd while waiting for the 6 F-16C to stack up and landing..
As they landed & taxing back to the tarmac, all of the crowd gave a big round of applause for the very, VRY, very, VERY!! great performance..

I snapped a couple of photos to share with you who didn't get the oppurtunity to be there.. For more & better quality of photos visit my Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/43188224@N04/ . But Still, There is more to come!

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