..What Is Life All About..?

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every fighter jets produced, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.

Old men sitting in their office, declaring war whenever they felt they want to. While young men, a son to someone or a father to someone is suffering in the battlefield to gain victory & satisfy the old men hopes....

As we all know, we live in 3 different phases. Past, Present & Future.
We are now living in the present, have a glimpse of the past where all of our mistakes & wrong doings could be the main guide for a better future..
Automatic rifles, Guns & any other fireamrs are not the real deal.
Whereas knowledge & courage to survive for the next phase also known as the future..

is crucial during this moment..


-Izarin Lee


7-9 December 09,
13 of us
-Azim Zakwan
-Wan Syahira

Where to start, I dont even know where to start..
All i know is that this trip to Genting is one of the best holiday that i ever had!
I've nearly been all around the globe but to be honest with u ppl..

This 3 days holiday trip to Genting is THA BOMB!!!
Temperature up there is approximately about 16 to 20 degrees Celsius..
Its pretty cold up there but still, most of us had a very great time!!

I can't explain it in words how fun it was up there with my friends..
& my friends, they r one in a million! The rock the world & TOGETHER..


credits to- Fafa & Jyea's mother (x igt ejaan nama mak korng, sorry). hahaha.

Tons Of Pictures More!!

What A Tiring Day..

On Sunday, 15th November 2009.
Me, Izarul & my young uncle Farriz had a great experience...
In the morning, my dad brought us to SELANGOR GUN CLUB in Subang.
We were given a 'GLOCK' and we were thought a couple of shooting principles before we cn pull the trigger. There was an instructor who taught us everything about shooting.

The 1st principle is 'Standing', the 2nd is 'Aiming' & The 3rd is 'Triggering'.
We were also taught to fill in bullets in magazines..
After all those 3 basic principles were taught, its time for me to hit the target.

Shooting a gun or sidearms/secondary weapons is a lot different compared to shooting an assault rifle such as the M-16A1, M4A1, SCAR-H & many more..
Its a little bit more intense because both aiming down those sights is a bit harder than i expected..

Its way much different than in the movie & all..
we were given 10 rounds of bullets in the mag..
the target board was 5m away, sounds near but its totally to hard to shoot..
After everything was ready,

I aim down the sights & pull the trigger..
The recoil were quite high & it jerk my hand hardly.. But its not painful The results.. i get 91%.. The picture above proves it..

After all those shooting sessions done, my dad took us to Subang Airport also know as TERMINAL 3.. My dad need to make a flight check of a 2 pilot..
we flew to Langkawi on a 'Cessna Citation Bravo'.. Its a small private plane.. One of the pilot is the owner of the aircraft... His a very rich man, he even own a Ferari F430.. Flight to Langawi took about an hour if im not mistaken..

Once arrived, we had our lunch there & me & my brother were having some aircraft spotting on the tarmacs..
After that we flew back home..
It was a very great day, & i was damn tired..


U.S.A.F Thunderbirds airshow in Subang AFB

Bye2 ppl!!

Coming In Hot


On 3rd October 2009,
The U.S.A.F Thunderbirds came to Malaysia for an airshow in Subang AFB.
I arrived at Subang AFB around 10.30 a.m & the road we're all full of cars.
My brother & i have to walk from junction outside the base, to the main gate & all the way to the Tarmac where the aerobatic was held.

I wasn't expecting there would be a lot of ppl there,
it was just to many ppl!!! But luck was on our side,
we hve the opportunity to be at the frontline position where u can see everything clearly from that spot.

Before the Thunderbirds show up, our RMAF Su-30MKM we're doing some crazy maneuvers
that only some ppl would understand what the pilot is up to.
For about 15 minutes, they landed and wait for the Thunderbirds to have a go.

Now when i talk about the Thunderbirds, what makes them very unique & different from the other aerobatic team such as the RAF Red Arrows & the Suryakiran IADF(India Air Defence Force) is that...
not just the pilot that give the KICK/Excitement towards the crowd below, but also the Ground Crew gave their best impressions for the crowd.

Before the The F-16C Thunderbirds start their engines, all the Ground Crew marched in smartly towards their aircraft. 2 Ground Crew represents 1 F-16C. Then, The Pilots starts marching in, towards their aircraft.
At that moment, i was suprised and impressed with their style..
They did everything simultaneously even when wearing their G-Suits, getting in the cockpit & taxi out towards the runway.

While waiting for the clearance to fly, the narrator for the U.S.A.F Thunderbirds gave a very convincing & inspiring talk.. As the engine starts roaring.. The sound system connects to Thunderbirds Flight Lead & he says "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!!!???"
All the sudden we heard loud noise & the all of the F-16C took of in diamond formation.

The did a lot of aerial stunts which makes u gonna say 'WOW!!!' my personal interest is Thunderbirds No.5 & No.6 bcoz they were meant to make solo aerobatics which is more daring and more eciting. But the formation flying impreesed me too..
The stick together eventhough they are banking left and right.
there's this one time where the F-16C flying in diamond formation low level and the narrator told us to focus on them... as we're focusing on them.. all the sudden one of them came unaware by the crowd and create a very loud engine roaring noise with the afterburner on!!!
My heart was pumping damn fast!! huhuhu..
The airshow didnt boring us bcoz of the transitions between one formation to another with a compilation of musics...

Towards the end of the airshow, all of the Ground Crew lines up and introduce themselves towards the crowd while waiting for the 6 F-16C to stack up and landing..
As they landed & taxing back to the tarmac, all of the crowd gave a big round of applause for the very, VRY, very, VERY!! great performance..

I snapped a couple of photos to share with you who didn't get the oppurtunity to be there.. For more & better quality of photos visit my Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/43188224@N04/ . But Still, There is more to come!

Dancing+Singing by Barrack Obama

THIS IS GREAT!!! hahahahahaha

Su-30 vs F-22 Raptor

SU-30 MK - The Sukhoi Su-30 (NATO reporting name "Flanker-C") is a twin-engine military aircraft developed by Russia's Sukhoi Aviation Corporation and introduced into operational service in 1996. It is a two-seat, dual-role strike fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions; closely comparable to F-15E Strike Eagle.
The aircraft is a modernized version of the
Su-27UB and has several variants. The Su-30K and Su-30MK series have had commercial success. The variants are manufactured by competing organizations: KnAAPO and the IRKUT Corporation, both of which come under the Sukhoi group's umbrella. KnAAPO manufactures the Su-30MKK and the Su-30MK2, which were designed for and sold to China and later Indonesia. Irkut makes the long-range, multirole Su-30MK series. The series includes the Su-30MKI developed for the Indian Air Force and its derivatives, the MKM, MKA and MKV for Malaysia, Algeria and Venezuela respectively.

F-22- The Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor is a fifth-generation fighter aircraft that uses stealth technology. It was designed primarily as an air superiority fighter, but has additional capabilities that include ground attack, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence roles. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is the prime contractor and is responsible for the majority of the airframe, weapon systems and final assembly of the F-22. Program partner Boeing Integrated Defense Systems provides the wings, aft fuselage, avionics integration, and all of the pilot and maintenance training systems.

The Video below shows the comparison of flight maneuvers between the Su-30 Mk & F-22 Raptor :


Squad Tuisyen (P16)

We were train to engage enemy hostile... Using knowledge...

Our unit consist of 4 team members lead by Sgt. Rais (laaa sgt)....

Kitorng tuisyen 4 subject which is Physics, Chemistry, Add Math & Math Modern

Except for Fafa,coz she's not from Science Class. She only took Add Math & Math Modern in this tuition.


  1. Rais Rahimi Rahim callsign Abg Rais.... Seorang yang macho tp kadang2 hanco.. He taught us very well.. Sudah Berpunya kekasih hati. Jika ada yg berminat bole la consult dgn dia secara personal. Guna la segala ayat yg anda mahir.. INSYAALLAH,tdk akn dapat....
  2. Izarin Lee iaitu saya sendiri..seorang yang tegas...hehehe,tp mempunyai pick up/accelaration yang agak lmbab, x modified lg... Belajar 20 kali benda yg sama still lupa2. Maklaumla la... meningkat usia. Tapi jgn bg aku smpi TOP SPEED nnt korng x dpt nk kejar. Just wait and see ok everyone.
  3. Azim Zakwan,seorang yang jambu.. Tp amount of blur dia agak tinggi. Kadang2 kita cerita lain tp keluar cerita lain.. Ckp laju... Bg perempuan yg nk kt dia stndby camera sbb nnt kena rewind blk apa dia ckp bg btl2 faham(JGN MARAH AZIM). Dia ni mmg pandai,aku pun musykil mcm mne budak ni bole klhkn aku bole. No offence la....tu mmg kelebihan dia..
  4. Nazifah iaitu kembar kpd Nazihah. Dah berpunya... Dia belajar ikut mood,kalau dia penat or boring dia bole selambe je tdo... Tahap manja dia mmg maximum,aku rasa nk sepak je...ahahahaha.. Hanya Abg Rais je yang mampu handle kemanjaan dia. Aku dgn Azim, hanya mampu melihat... (Btl tak Azim??)
  5. Nazihah kembar kepada si Nazifah tu. Dia ni no cmmnt.. Biasa2 je.. Lg pandai dr aku.. Masih lagi naif bak kte Abg Rais.... Girlfriend Abg Rais yg kedua... Ape2 kalau nk kt si Jyea ni... settle ngn Abg Rais...hahaha..