What A Tiring Day..

On Sunday, 15th November 2009.
Me, Izarul & my young uncle Farriz had a great experience...
In the morning, my dad brought us to SELANGOR GUN CLUB in Subang.
We were given a 'GLOCK' and we were thought a couple of shooting principles before we cn pull the trigger. There was an instructor who taught us everything about shooting.

The 1st principle is 'Standing', the 2nd is 'Aiming' & The 3rd is 'Triggering'.
We were also taught to fill in bullets in magazines..
After all those 3 basic principles were taught, its time for me to hit the target.

Shooting a gun or sidearms/secondary weapons is a lot different compared to shooting an assault rifle such as the M-16A1, M4A1, SCAR-H & many more..
Its a little bit more intense because both aiming down those sights is a bit harder than i expected..

Its way much different than in the movie & all..
we were given 10 rounds of bullets in the mag..
the target board was 5m away, sounds near but its totally to hard to shoot..
After everything was ready,

I aim down the sights & pull the trigger..
The recoil were quite high & it jerk my hand hardly.. But its not painful The results.. i get 91%.. The picture above proves it..

After all those shooting sessions done, my dad took us to Subang Airport also know as TERMINAL 3.. My dad need to make a flight check of a 2 pilot..
we flew to Langkawi on a 'Cessna Citation Bravo'.. Its a small private plane.. One of the pilot is the owner of the aircraft... His a very rich man, he even own a Ferari F430.. Flight to Langawi took about an hour if im not mistaken..

Once arrived, we had our lunch there & me & my brother were having some aircraft spotting on the tarmacs..
After that we flew back home..
It was a very great day, & i was damn tired..


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